Commit 245cc37e authored by Pablo De La Garza's avatar Pablo De La Garza Committed by Aaron Plattner

Fix for un-initialized variables valgrind error

The variable on this change are liable to not be initialized if the
function that is meant to initialize errors out. And the uninitialized
variable would still be passed for the creation of a widget. Since in
the case of this happening such widget won't be used anyways, chances
of this causing trouble are slim, but still we shouldn't have it.
Additionally it shows on valgrind so it creates noise when trying to
troubleshoot something else.
parent 4025656e
......@@ -283,20 +283,20 @@ GtkWidget* ctk_opengl_new(CtrlTarget *ctrl_target,
GtkAdjustment *adjustment;
GtkWidget *menu;
gint sync_to_vblank;
gint flipping_allowed;
gint gsync_allowed;
gint show_gsync_visual_indicator;
gint force_stereo;
gint xinerama_stereo;
gint stereo_eyes_exchange;
gint stereo_swap_mode;
gint sync_to_vblank = 0;
gint flipping_allowed = 0;
gint gsync_allowed = 0;
gint show_gsync_visual_indicator = 0;
gint force_stereo = 0;
gint xinerama_stereo = 0;
gint stereo_eyes_exchange = 0;
gint stereo_swap_mode = 0;
CtrlAttributeValidValues image_settings_valid;
gint image_settings_value;
gint aa_line_gamma;
gint use_conformant_clamping;
gint show_sli_visual_indicator;
gint show_multigpu_visual_indicator;
gint image_settings_value = 0;
gint aa_line_gamma = 0;
gint use_conformant_clamping = 0;
gint show_sli_visual_indicator = 0;
gint show_multigpu_visual_indicator = 0;
ReturnStatus ret_sync_to_vblank;
ReturnStatus ret_flipping_allowed;
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