Commit 5ab3031e authored by Devi Sravani Simhadri's avatar Devi Sravani Simhadri Committed by Aaron Plattner

Fixing nvidia-settings to update config parameters into gridd.conf file...

Fixing nvidia-settings to update config parameters into gridd.conf file correctly once the user clicks apply.

Issue : By default, EnableUI config parameter is true for 5.0 drivers.
        nvidia-settings writes "EnableUI=TRUE" to gridd.conf file if the user
        has applied license via UI. Since the user config options in gridd.conf
        persist on driver upgrade we see the UI is enabled with 5.1 drivers.
        The same issue is also encountered on driver upgrade from 5.0 to 6.0

Fix : User has to manually delete the gridd.conf file and create a new one with
      the gridd.conf.template file provided.
      Made the following changes:
      1. On launching nvidia-settings, if there is no gridd.conf file available,
         no new gridd.conf file will be created.  A new gridd.conf file will be
         created only when user clicks apply button via UI.
      2. While updating the griddConfig structure with the user provided values
         from UI, the corresponding config parameter will be updated only if it
         differs from the currently provided value by the user.
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