Commit 650de750 authored by Nikita Krishnia-INTERN's avatar Nikita Krishnia-INTERN Committed by Aaron Plattner

Setting feature type correctly on 'Manage GRID License' page creation.

When nvidia-settings is launched on a Quadro vDWS Edition licensed VM, the
message shown on 'Manage GRID License' page as well as the one logged in
/var/log/messages incorrectly states that the system has switched to Tesla
(unlicensed) and user needs to reboot the system.

Root cause and fix:
Issue was observed because the feature type was not set correctly on page
creation. Fixed it with this change.

Testing done:
Verified on NMOS and vGPU setup,correct feature type is displayed in the message
over UI and in /var/log/messages as well.
parent 05ab4acd
......@@ -1245,20 +1245,11 @@ GtkWidget* ctk_manage_grid_license_new(CtrlTarget *target,
/* set default value for feature type based on the user configured parameter or virtualization mode */
if (griddConfig) {
if (strcmp(griddConfig->str[NV_GRIDD_FEATURE_TYPE], "0"))
ctk_manage_grid_license->feature_type = GRID_LICENSED_FEATURE_TYPE_TESLA;
else if (strcmp(griddConfig->str[NV_GRIDD_FEATURE_TYPE], "1"))
ctk_manage_grid_license->feature_type = GRID_LICENSED_FEATURE_TYPE_VGPU;
else if (strcmp(griddConfig->str[NV_GRIDD_FEATURE_TYPE], "2"))
/* Check Feature type "2" for Quadro Virtual Datacenter Workstation. */
if (strcmp(griddConfig->str[NV_GRIDD_FEATURE_TYPE], "2") == 0) {
ctk_manage_grid_license->feature_type = GRID_LICENSED_FEATURE_TYPE_GVW;
else {
ctk_manage_grid_license->feature_type = GRID_LICENSED_FEATURE_TYPE_TESLA;
......@@ -1532,7 +1523,7 @@ GtkWidget* ctk_manage_grid_license_new(CtrlTarget *target,
/* Set license edition toggle button active */
if (button2 && button1) {
if (strcmp(griddConfig->str[NV_GRIDD_FEATURE_TYPE], "2") == 0) {
if (ctk_manage_grid_license->feature_type == GRID_LICENSED_FEATURE_TYPE_GVW) {
/* Set 'Quadro Virtual Datacenter Workstation' toggle button active */
gtk_toggle_button_set_active(GTK_TOGGLE_BUTTON(button1), TRUE);
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