Commit 6bd0fa4d authored by Nikita Krishnia-INTERN's avatar Nikita Krishnia-INTERN Committed by Aaron Plattner

UI control modifications in 'Manage License' page of nvidia-settings:

* Added a new cancel button, which clears all changes made in the fields.
* If Primary server address is empty:
        * Apply/Cancel buttons and Secondary server address/port disabled.
        * Enable Apply/Cancel buttons and Secondary server address/port only
          when there is text entered in Primary server address textbox to nofity
          user that Primary server address is mandatory.
* If Primary server address is non-empty:
        * User can edit Secondary server address/port.
* Apply/Cancel buttons Grayed out after applying click.
* Enable Apply/Cancel buttons when text entered in any of the textboxes is
  different than the earlier entered text.
* On launch of 'Manage License' page, Apply/Cancel buttons are disabled.

Testing done:
Verified the above modified functionality of 'Manage License' page on NMOS and vGPU.
parent d9436550
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...@@ -61,6 +61,7 @@ struct _CtkManageGridLicense ...@@ -61,6 +61,7 @@ struct _CtkManageGridLicense
GtkWidget* txt_server_address; GtkWidget* txt_server_address;
GtkWidget* label_license_state; GtkWidget* label_license_state;
GtkWidget* btn_apply; GtkWidget* btn_apply;
GtkWidget* btn_cancel;
GtkWidget* box_server_info; GtkWidget* box_server_info;
DbusData *dbusData; DbusData *dbusData;
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