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      387.22 · af2d4dd1
      Aaron Plattner authored
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      UI control modifications in 'Manage License' page of nvidia-settings: · 6bd0fa4d
      Nikita Krishnia-INTERN authored
      * Added a new cancel button, which clears all changes made in the fields.
      * If Primary server address is empty:
              * Apply/Cancel buttons and Secondary server address/port disabled.
              * Enable Apply/Cancel buttons and Secondary server address/port only
                when there is text entered in Primary server address textbox to nofity
                user that Primary server address is mandatory.
      * If Primary server address is non-empty:
              * User can edit Secondary server address/port.
      * Apply/Cancel buttons Grayed out after applying click.
      * Enable Apply/Cancel buttons when text entered in any of the textboxes is
        different than the earlier entered text.
      * On launch of 'Manage License' page, Apply/Cancel buttons are disabled.
      Testing done:
      Verified the above modified functionality of 'Manage License' page on NMOS and vGPU.
  4. 03 Oct, 2017 14 commits
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      387.12 · d9436550
      Aaron Plattner authored
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      Update nvml.h · bd24d2fd
      Aaron Plattner authored
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      Set Rotation and Reflection to only the current modes when using Basic Configuration · 3722e02d
      Jonathan Waddell authored
      Currently when the Display Configuration page of nvidia-settings is in Basic mode, any changes to the Rotation and Reflection values are applied to all modes for that display. This causes our entire list of metamodes to be updated and when we cancel a modeset, those updated metamodes are not reverted. Even if we do revert them on the server, our internal data structures do not represent these metamodes and resetting the UI to force a sync would cause the loss of all user config options currently chosen but not applied.
      This change modifies the behavior of Basic Mode configurations that involve rotation and reflection. These changes will make these metamode changes to behave similarly to advanced mode changes in that they will only affect the current metamode. On the UI side, in basic mode, we will make sure that if rotation/reflection is selected and the resolution is changed (effectively changing to a different selected mode) we will make sure the adjustments are carried over to the new mode.
      A user using the UI exclusively should not see any changes in behavior aside from the actual issue fixed. A user checking the available metamodes on the server would see a difference but it would be identical to the metamodes given by the unchanged Configuration method in Advanced Mode.
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      Add text to the help page for widgets missing entries. · 34bd15d6
      Jonathan Waddell authored
      This change adds help text for the "Save Current Configuration" button on the "nvidia-settings Configuration" page and re-enables a flag that allows the help text for "Sync to this display device" on the XVideo Settings page.
      Also removes the per entry tooltip text for the "Sync to this display device" and adds the tooltip to the entire container widget since it exists for the entire lifetime of the application.
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      Fix for un-initialized variables valgrind error · 245cc37e
      Pablo De La Garza authored
      The variable on this change are liable to not be initialized if the
      function that is meant to initialize errors out. And the uninitialized
      variable would still be passed for the creation of a widget. Since in
      the case of this happening such widget won't be used anyways, chances
      of this causing trouble are slim, but still we shouldn't have it.
      Additionally it shows on valgrind so it creates noise when trying to
      troubleshoot something else.
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      Allow Mosaic configuration when a screen is selected. · 4025656e
      Jonathan Waddell authored
      Right now, the Enable Mosaic button is only validated properly and shown when a Display object is selected on the Display Config page of nvidia-settings. Mosaic support is a feature of the gpu and shouldn't depend on if a Display or Screen is selected. This change adds the validation and activation of the Mosaic feature with a Screen selection in addition to the existing Display selection.
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      Allow moving displays to the origin even if the layout window is too large. · 52d37bf6
      Jonathan Waddell authored
      Currently, we can get in a situation where the nvidia-settings display layout window is setup to be larger than what the X server allows. The problem is if we are in this situation, the user may not be able to fix the layout because our enforcement of size limits doesn't allow the user to move displays to the origin. This is because when moving items to the left or upward, we calculate our movement limit with respect to the right-most or furthest down position used.
      This change will allow us to always move items to the origin. Note that we already always redefine the origin to be the top-left most valid item. This position should always be available when moving items.
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      Keep the ECC Reset Default Config button in sync with current ECC pending status. · dc9b16d0
      Jonathan Waddell authored
      Anytime the ECC Pending Status Checkbox is set to a different value than the ECC Default Configuration value, this button should be enabled. It should be clear to the user that what the Reset button's value should be based on behavior alone.
      This change updates the enabled/disabled state of the Reset anytime we receive a update to the pending config value and or when the user changes the value manually.
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      Repack images with 'optipng -o7 -zm1-9' · 9a3fb673
      Aaron Plattner authored
      This saves a couple dozen KB.
       -rwxr-xr-x 1 aaron aaron 1481192 May 18 16:11 libnvidia-gtk2.so.old
       -rwxr-xr-x 1 aaron aaron 1452520 May 18 16:11 libnvidia-gtk2.so
       -rwxr-xr-x 1 aaron aaron 1477384 May 18 16:11 libnvidia-gtk3.so.old
       -rwxr-xr-x 1 aaron aaron 1444616 May 18 16:11 libnvidia-gtk3.so
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      Use embedded PNGs to load pixbufs · 95ae8e07
      Aaron Plattner authored
      Create a helper function, ctk_pixbuf_from_data(), and corresponding helper macro
      CTK_LOAD_PIXBUF(), to load embedded images from their internal PNG
      representation. Delete the uncompressed pixdata versions.
      This saves a few hundred KB from each of libnvidia-gtk2 and libnvidia-gtk3:
       -rwxr-xr-x 1 aaron aaron 1828552 May 18 16:06 libnvidia-gtk2.so.old
       -rwxr-xr-x 1 aaron aaron 1481192 May 18 16:07 libnvidia-gtk2.so
       -rwxr-xr-x 1 aaron aaron 1820808 May 18 16:06 libnvidia-gtk3.so.old
       -rwxr-xr-x 1 aaron aaron 1477384 May 18 16:07 libnvidia-gtk3.so
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      Embed the .png files into the libnvidia-gtk[23] libraries · c03ed380
      Aaron Plattner authored
      These will be used later to decompress the images at runtime.
      Generate headers that define the start and end symbols for these.
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      Always check if the ECC Configuration Pending state has changed. · 4e75f74b
      Jonathan Waddell authored
      Right now on the ECC status page in nvidia-settings we poll for changes in the ECC state of the GPU. When ECC is enabled we poll for ECC errors. The problem is we only check the Configuration Pending state when the application starts up. We can detect via nvcontrol events, if this value is changed for example on the command line by "nvidia-settings -a ECCConfiguration=1". But if this value is changed by a non-nvcontrol method like "nvidia-smi -e 1", we don't detect or display the change.
      This change adds querying this value to the polling loop of the ECC Status page.
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      Add an AllowGSYNC MetaMode flag · da95925c
      Aaron Plattner authored
      Recognize the new flag in nvidia-settings in order to be able to write it to
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      Update overclocking UI to show memory clock offset and graphics clock offset independently. · 58717aa6
      Sachin Chitte authored
      On few SKU users can only set graphics clock offset and not memory clock offset.
      So updated UI to show memory clock offset and graphics clock offset, if either is editable.
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