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    • Sachin Chitte's avatar
      Avoid restarting nvidia-gridd from nvidia-settings and send a dbus signal instead. · 5a764be8
      Sachin Chitte authored
      Now when nvidia-gridd service starts there is a retry loop for Service Provider licensing
      in nvidia-gridd which takes max 30 seconds to retry detecting SP platform and
      then falls back to Flexera licensing.
      So to apply any changes in license server details, we need to wait for 30 seconds
      to get changes applied.
      So there is a long pause of 30-40 seconds before license state gets updated in nvidia-settings.
      Solution :
      When user clicks 'Apply' button send dbus signal to nvidia-gridd
      so that on the side of nvidia-gridd, it will read gridd.conf parameters again and
      fetch license again, and hence there is no need to restart nvidia-gridd service everytime.
      send_dbus_method_call - moved code calling dbus method call to this function.
      LICENSE_DETAILS_UPDATE_REQUEST - notifies nvidia-gridd that license configuration
                                              information provided by user has changed.
      LICENSE_DETAILS_UPDATE_SUCCESS - returns if the nvidia-gridd able to read conf file and fetch
                                              the license.
      If nvidia-gridd is not running dbus_message_iter_get_arg_type returns the argument type
      other than DBUS_TYPE_INT32.
      We are showing popup warning message to users on failure of LICENSE_DETAILS_UPDATE_REQUEST request.
      clean up : Updated code to deafult port no 7070 only when user do not set any value.
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      Show Manage GRID License page if gridd.conf file does not exist. · ce2e7b29
      Sachin Chitte authored
            Changed behavior to show page with message instead of not showing the page.
                 "'/etc/nvidia/gridd.conf' file does not exist.\n You do not have "
                 "permissions to create this file."
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      Updated new grid license status messages. · 54014eb6
      Sachin Chitte authored
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      nvidia-settings: Prefer generated BusID during xorg.conf merge · 2079e59b
      Benjamin Morris authored
      Commit 3a2b35de was intended to fix a bug
      in the xorg.conf merge behavior of nvidia-settings, where
      nvidia-settings would always overwrite a device's BusID (even
      if it determined that the new device entry didn't require a
      BusID entry), even if the source config had a BusID and the user
      wanted to merge the new config with their existing config.
      After that change, nvidia-settings would always overwrite its
      generated BusID for a device if that same device index had a
      BusID in the original file, even if the new nvidia-settings
      generated config required a different BusID entry.
      In other words:
      nvidia-settings xorg.conf merge behavior for a single display/
      single GPU:
      Old xorg.conf:
      Identifier "Device0"
      BusID "PCI:4:0:0"
      Pre-3a2b35de behavior:
      New xorg.conf:
      Identifier "Device0"
      Post-3a2b35de behavior:
      New xorg.conf:
      Identifier "Device0"
      BusID "PCI:4:0:0"
      But this regressed the behavior for a multi-GPU config where
      all displays are connected to one GPU, and the user is trying
      to configure separate X screens in nvidia-settings:
      Old xorg.conf (generated with nvidia-xconfig -a, which generates
      one X screen per GPU with a corresponding Device and BusID entry)
      Identifier "Device0"
      BusID "PCI:3:0:0"
      Screen 0
      Identifier "Device1"
      BusID "PCI:4:0:0"
      Screen 0
      Pre-3a2b35de behavior (generated with nvidia-settings configuring
      two separate X screens, one per display, both displays connected to
      the GPU at BusID PCI:3:0:0)
      Identifier "Device0"
      BusID "PCI:3:0:0"
      Screen 0
      Identifier "Device1"
      BusID "PCI:3:0:0"
      Screen 1
      Post-3a2b35de behavior:
      Identifier "Device0"
      BusID "PCI:3:0:0"
      Screen 0
      Identifier "Device1"
      BusID "PCI:4:0:0" <-- BUG
      Screen 1
      Note how the BusID for Device1 has been overwritten to PCI:4:0:0,
      even though nvidia-settings determined that the new config requires
      Device1 to have BusID PCI:3:0:0, because the merged original
      xorg.conf had BusID PCI:4:0:0 for Device 1.
      This change modifies the nvidia-settings merge behavior to only
      overwrite the merged device's BusID if the new config has no
      BusID entry for that device.  This retains the desired behavior
      from the original fix (not overwriting the user's provided BusID
      for new BusID-less configs during a merge), while fixing the
      regression (no longer overwriting the new config's BusID with
      the old config's BusID if the new config requires a BusID entry).
      Tested with a 2xGPU 2xDPY (on first GPU) config (to verify the
        regression is fixed) and a 1xGPU 1xDPY config with a specified
        BusID (to verify the original bug is still fixed).
    • Sachin Chitte's avatar
      Updated Manage GRID License page UI. · e58e8df0
      Sachin Chitte authored
      Added primary and secondary server and port info for the license server.
      Secondary server details are used if primary server fails to acquire the license.
      Corresponding gridd.conf keywords:
      - BackupServerAddress - FQDN or numeric IP address of the back-up license server.
      - BackupServerPort - port number of the back-up license server.
    • Jonathan Waddell's avatar
      Update the configuration with the Bus ID when merging with an existing config file. · 3a2b35de
      Jonathan Waddell authored
      When nvidia-settings merges a new configuration file with the old one, we currently drop the Bus ID due to how the xconfig parser generates and merges the files. This change copies the Bus ID string if it exists from the old to the new file.
    • Sachin Chitte's avatar
      Select license edition radio button depending on feature type. · c0f088ab
      Sachin Chitte authored
      Earlier Tesla unlicensed mode button were getting selected always. Changed that logic
      to use feature type from gridd.conf and then select the toggle button.
    • Aaron Plattner's avatar
      Update nv_grid_dbus.h and nvml.h · ca930142
      Aaron Plattner authored
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  8. 06 Apr, 2017 7 commits
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      381.09 · f2bf8f4a
      Aaron Plattner authored
    • Jonathan Waddell's avatar
      Don't repeat identical queries with Display Targets when querying all attributes. · f8a65b62
      Jonathan Waddell authored
      When NV-CONTROL tries to get the Dpy pointer for a queried target and that
      target is itself a Display, we currently ignore the mask argument and return the
      original Target. The problem occurs when we run the command, "--query all". With
      non-display targets, we iterate over a display mask to make sure we query
      displays associated with the Screen, GPU, etc and this works fine. If we are
      using a Display Target, the mask is ignore and we get 24 matches for each bit in
      the mask because we interally ignore the mask. This change exits the bit mask
      iterator loop after the first run when we are using a Display Target.
    • Jonathan Waddell's avatar
      Add HDMI 3D Label to refresh rate on the display config page · cd9cae9d
      Jonathan Waddell authored
      When screens are configured to use HDMI 3D stereo, the refresh rate listed as
      half of what the mode normally describes. This label helps the user to confirm
      the reason the value may be different than expected.
      This brings the Display Config page more in link with the Display Device and
      Framelock pages that show the refresh rate in a similiar manner with the 'HDMI
      3D' label.
    • Sachin Chitte's avatar
      Show Manage GRID License page for licensable GRID gpus used on baremetal · 296f72e2
      Sachin Chitte authored
      GRID M6 is licensable gpu so we want to allow users to choose GRID virtual
      workstation and Unlicensed Tesla mode on baremetal setup.
      When virtualization mode is NV_CTRL_ATTR_NVML_GPU_VIRTUALIZATION_MODE_NONE we
      want to treat it same way like
      GRID Virtual Workstation interface in case of baremetal setup.
    • Sachin Chitte's avatar
      Updated code to open file as a stream, rather than fd · d7a154bd
      Sachin Chitte authored
      Added utility functions ReadConfigFileStream() and WriteConfigFileStream().
    • Sachin Chitte's avatar
    • Sachin Chitte's avatar
      Add manage GRID license page to nvidia-settings UI · d753454d
      Sachin Chitte authored
      First time if user does not find /etc/nvidia/gridd.conf file create one from
      available template /etc/nvidia/gridd.conf.template on the system.
      Only users with sufficient privileges can update server address and port number.
      If enableUI = FALSE do not show this Manage License page.
      In case of VGPU show
                  - current license state label, server address textbox, port no.
                    textbox and Apply button.
      In case of NMOS show Option to choose between
                   1.GRID virtual workstation 2. Tesla (Unlicensed)
      The License Edition section shows if your system has a valid GRID vGPU license.
      If no valid license is listed, enter the address of your local GRID License
      Server in the License Server box.
      The address can be a domain name or an IP address.  If you want to use a port
      number other than the default 7070, then enter it in the Port Number box.
      Click Apply to assign the settings.
      UpdateConfigFile() - used to parse gridd.conf and update it.
             NV_CTRL_ATTR_NVML_GPU_VIRTUALIZATION_MODE - used to decide the
      nvidia-settings will query current license status from gridd daemon using DBUS
      update_manage_license_info() - queries the current license status.