1. 22 Feb, 2019 1 commit
  2. 14 Mar, 2018 3 commits
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      Set default License Status message to request license server details when QDWS... · dff02b94
      Nikita Krishnia-INTERN authored
      Set default License Status message to request license server details when QDWS is selected and license features are enabled.
      *On licensed setup, if license server details are modified through
       UI/gridd.conf and service is restarted, set default license status
       message to request license server details.
      *On failed attempt, handled the termination of license acquisition
       loop when vAPP is selected and license features are enabled
       on that system.
      Testing done:
      Verified on NMOS, correct license status message is displayed.
      Also, on failed attempt license acquisition loop stops when
      vAPP is selected.
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      Once licensed, switching to a different feature requires a system reboot,... · 82ffaf9a
      Nikita Krishnia-INTERN authored
      Once licensed, switching to a different feature requires a system reboot, notify user about the same.
      On licensed NMOS setup, if user restarts nvidia-gridd service and
      selected 'GRID Virtual Apps' license edition. There is mismatch in
      licensed feature type enabled in the driver and feature type read from
      gridd.conf/UI control. In this change, notify user that license features
      are still enabled in the driver even if license is released and hence restart is
      required. Set appropriate license status message to indicate the same.
      Added NV_CTRL_ATTR_NVML_GPU_GRID_LICENSABLE_FEATURES attribute to get feature code
      of the currently licensed feature.
      Used the existing NVML api nvmlDeviceGetGridLicensableFeatures to fetch this feature code.
      And then query this licensed feature code in nvidia-settings.
      Setting the restart required status message when there is mismatch in
      the queried licensed feature type and the feature type read from gridd.conf/UI.
      Testing done:
      Verified on NMOS, correct license status message is displayed.
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      Auto-reflect runtime changes in nvidia settings when the nvidia-gridd is restarted/stopped. · da89797d
      Nikita Krishnia-INTERN authored
      Issue and root cause:
      When 'Manage License' page is created , a timer callback is registered to
      query license state from nvidia-gridd with 1 sec time interval to
      update the 'Manage License' page. When nvidia-gridd service is stopped,
      there is no response against the Dbus request so the callback function exits with error
      which destroys the timer. Hence 'Manage License' page is never updated.
      Do not destroy the timer which updates the 'Manage license' page even if 'nvidia-gridd' service
      is stopped.
      Upon failure to communicate with nvidia-gridd to fetch licensing state info
      we are disabling all UI controls and notifying user about the issue via a message on the UI.
      Testing Done:
      Verified that if nvidia-gridd service is restarted then 'Manage License' page gets
      refreshed automatically.
  3. 04 Jan, 2018 2 commits
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      Modified logic to update status/messages on 'Manage License Page' and rename... · 2f557912
      Nikita Krishnia-INTERN authored
      Modified logic to update status/messages on 'Manage License Page' and rename "Tesla(unlicensed)" string to "GRID Virtual Apps"
      - From nvidia-gridd, fetching license state from the state machine. Sending this
        license state instead of license status to nvidia-settings.
      - According to license state and featureType fetched from nvidia-gridd, setting
        license status on nvidia-settings side.
      - Updated all license status messages to latest reviewed strings.
      - Renamed "Tesla(unlicensed)" string to "GRID Virtual Apps".
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      Modifications in the sensitivity of Apply/Cancel button in 'Manage License'... · 2fb5615f
      Nikita Krishnia-INTERN authored
      Modifications in the sensitivity of Apply/Cancel button in 'Manage License' page of nvidia-settings:
      Apply/Cancel button is disabled post moving from "Quadro Virtual" "Datacenter
      Workstation" license edition to "Unlicensed Tesla" license edition.
      Apply/Cancel buttons are enabled only under following cases:
      * If the License Edition has changed, that is the corresponding feature type
        selection has changed.
      * If any of the textbox entry has changed.
      Also updating the license Acquiring, unlicensed and failed message strings on UI
      according to the feature type selection.
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  5. 03 Nov, 2017 1 commit
  6. 30 Oct, 2017 1 commit
    • Nikita Krishnia-INTERN's avatar
      UI control modifications in 'Manage License' page of nvidia-settings: · 6bd0fa4d
      Nikita Krishnia-INTERN authored
      * Added a new cancel button, which clears all changes made in the fields.
      * If Primary server address is empty:
              * Apply/Cancel buttons and Secondary server address/port disabled.
              * Enable Apply/Cancel buttons and Secondary server address/port only
                when there is text entered in Primary server address textbox to nofity
                user that Primary server address is mandatory.
      * If Primary server address is non-empty:
              * User can edit Secondary server address/port.
      * Apply/Cancel buttons Grayed out after applying click.
      * Enable Apply/Cancel buttons when text entered in any of the textboxes is
        different than the earlier entered text.
      * On launch of 'Manage License' page, Apply/Cancel buttons are disabled.
      Testing done:
      Verified the above modified functionality of 'Manage License' page on NMOS and vGPU.
  7. 24 Jul, 2017 1 commit
    • Trupti Pimparkar's avatar
      nvidia-settings : Set default unlicensed state message strings according to license feature types. · 9375c0f4
      Trupti Pimparkar authored
      Issue :
      If nvidia-gridd is not running, no license state is received and hence default
      message strings set in nvidia-settings are shown. The default unlicensed message
      string was generic.
      Fix :
      Defined different values for feature types to avoid confusion between virtualization
      mode and feature types.
      Assigned different default unlicensed message strings in nvidia-settings according
      to feature types.
      Removed mapping table with nvml for feature types as feature types are used by user
  8. 29 Jun, 2017 1 commit
  9. 05 Jun, 2017 2 commits
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      Avoid restarting nvidia-gridd from nvidia-settings and send a dbus signal instead. · 5a764be8
      Sachin Chitte authored
      Now when nvidia-gridd service starts there is a retry loop for Service Provider licensing
      in nvidia-gridd which takes max 30 seconds to retry detecting SP platform and
      then falls back to Flexera licensing.
      So to apply any changes in license server details, we need to wait for 30 seconds
      to get changes applied.
      So there is a long pause of 30-40 seconds before license state gets updated in nvidia-settings.
      Solution :
      When user clicks 'Apply' button send dbus signal to nvidia-gridd
      so that on the side of nvidia-gridd, it will read gridd.conf parameters again and
      fetch license again, and hence there is no need to restart nvidia-gridd service everytime.
      send_dbus_method_call - moved code calling dbus method call to this function.
      LICENSE_DETAILS_UPDATE_REQUEST - notifies nvidia-gridd that license configuration
                                              information provided by user has changed.
      LICENSE_DETAILS_UPDATE_SUCCESS - returns if the nvidia-gridd able to read conf file and fetch
                                              the license.
      If nvidia-gridd is not running dbus_message_iter_get_arg_type returns the argument type
      other than DBUS_TYPE_INT32.
      We are showing popup warning message to users on failure of LICENSE_DETAILS_UPDATE_REQUEST request.
      clean up : Updated code to deafult port no 7070 only when user do not set any value.
    • Sachin Chitte's avatar
      Updated Manage GRID License page UI. · e58e8df0
      Sachin Chitte authored
      Added primary and secondary server and port info for the license server.
      Secondary server details are used if primary server fails to acquire the license.
      Corresponding gridd.conf keywords:
      - BackupServerAddress - FQDN or numeric IP address of the back-up license server.
      - BackupServerPort - port number of the back-up license server.
  10. 06 Apr, 2017 1 commit
    • Sachin Chitte's avatar
      Add manage GRID license page to nvidia-settings UI · d753454d
      Sachin Chitte authored
      First time if user does not find /etc/nvidia/gridd.conf file create one from
      available template /etc/nvidia/gridd.conf.template on the system.
      Only users with sufficient privileges can update server address and port number.
      If enableUI = FALSE do not show this Manage License page.
      In case of VGPU show
                  - current license state label, server address textbox, port no.
                    textbox and Apply button.
      In case of NMOS show Option to choose between
                   1.GRID virtual workstation 2. Tesla (Unlicensed)
      The License Edition section shows if your system has a valid GRID vGPU license.
      If no valid license is listed, enter the address of your local GRID License
      Server in the License Server box.
      The address can be a domain name or an IP address.  If you want to use a port
      number other than the default 7070, then enter it in the Port Number box.
      Click Apply to assign the settings.
      UpdateConfigFile() - used to parse gridd.conf and update it.
             NV_CTRL_ATTR_NVML_GPU_VIRTUALIZATION_MODE - used to decide the
      nvidia-settings will query current license status from gridd daemon using DBUS
      update_manage_license_info() - queries the current license status.