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# Hacking on Dune

This section is for people who want to work on Dune itself.
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## Bootstrap

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In order to build itself, Dune uses an OCaml script
([bootstrap.ml](bootstrap.ml)) that dumps most of the sources of Dune into a
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single `boot.ml` file. This file is built using `ocamlopt` or `ocamlc`
and used to build everything else.

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To get the development version bootstrapped and installed, run the following
while in the project's root directory:

$ make          # create the dune.exe file and bootstrap the dune build
$ make install  # install the newly built dune

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Note that we don't include all of the sources in boot.ml. We skip a
few parts to speed up the build. In particular:
- vendored libraries are replaced by simpler implementations taken
  from `vendor/boot`
- a few files in `src` have an alternative version. These alternatives
  versions are named `XXX.boot.EXT`. For instance: `glob_lexer.boot.ml`

## OCaml compatibility test

Install opam switches for all the entries in the
[dune-workspace.dev](dune-workspace.dev) file and run:
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$ make all-supported-ocaml-versions

## Repository organization

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- `vendor/` contains dependencies of Dune, that have been vendored
- `plugin/` contains the API given to `dune` files that are OCaml
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- `src/` contains the core of `Dune`
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- `bin/` contains the command line interface
- `doc/` contains the manual and rules to generate the manual pages

## Design

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Dune (nee "JBuilder") was initially designed to sort out the public release of
Jane Street packages which became incredibly complicated over time. It is still
successfully used for this purpose.
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One necessary feature to achieve this is the ability to precisely
report the external dependencies necessary to build a given set of
targets without running any command, just by looking at the source
tree. This is used to automatically generate the `<package>.opam`
files for all Jane Street packages.

To implement this, the build rules are described using a build arrow,
which is defined in [src/build.mli](src/build.mli). In the end it makes the
development of the internal rules of Dune very composable and
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quite pleasant.

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To deal with process multiplexing, Dune uses a simplified
Lwt/Async-like monad, implemented in [src/fiber/fiber.mli](src/fiber/fiber.mli).

## Tests

Dune uses [cram style](https://blog.janestreet.com/testing-with-expectations/)
tests for its test suite. The test suite is contained in
[test/blackbox-tests](test/blackbox-tests). A single test consists of a test
directory in the test-cases/ sub directory which contains a run.t file defining
the test.

An example `run.t` file:

A description of the test. The command running the tests is preceeded by
two spaces and a $. The expected output of the command is also indented by
two spaces and is right below the command (note the absence of a $)

  $ echo "the expected output is below"
  the expected output is below

Running the entire test suite is done with `$ make test`. A particular test can
be executed with `$ dune build @<test-name>`.

Running the test will execute the command after the `$` and its output will be
compared against the expected output right below the command. Any differences
will result in a test failure.

### Adding a Test

Simply add a new directory in test/blackbox-tests/test-cases and then `$ make`
generate the rules for the test , followed by `$ make promote` to accept the new

### Accepting Corrections

A failing expect test will generate a diff between the expected and actual
output. If the new output generated by the command is satisfactory, it can be
*promoted* with the `$ make promote` command.
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## Code flow

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- [src/dune_file.mli](src/dune_file.mli) contains the internal representation
  of `dune` files and the parsing code
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- [src/jbuild_load.mli](src/jbuild_load.mli) contains the code to scan
  a source tree and build the internal database by reading
  the `dune` files
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- [src/gen_rules.mli](src/gen_rules.mli) contains all the build rules
  of Dune
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- [src/build_system.mli](src/build_system.mli) contains a trivial
  implementation of a Build system. This is what Jenga will provide
  when implementing the bridge