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    jgu authored
    Change 1:
        Missing description
      made by: Junjie Gu
    Change 2:
        Refactoring code for enabling subroutine call for other APIs (other than OCL).
        1. Rename FunctionInfoMetadata type to be EntryFunctionType/OtherFunctionType, so that they are not ocl-specific.
        2. Simplify helper function by using isEntryFunc() only. Get rid of isKernelFunc()/isOCLUserFunc()/isOCLKernelFunc()/isFuncOfType()
      made by: Junjie Gu
    Change 3:
        Fixed FRC tests error due to incorrectly copy propogating signed int value with source modifier.
      made by: Kai Yu Chen
    Change 4:
        Hoist loop invariant multiplies outside of loop, fp unsafe optimization.
        Resubmit 738243 after fixing functional regressions.
      made by:  hudson_server
    Change 5:
        Changed the way IGC receives and stores AIL info from UMD.
        Instead store the use the m_uscAilInfo variable from the translationContext itself.
       made by: Rishipal S Bhatia
    Change 6:
        Add a key for testing purpose.
      made by: Junjie Gu
    Change-Id: I462d7c3a0af433cc51897def105d3d588c9dea20
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