Commit 17d9e620 authored by Igor Tsimbalist's avatar Igor Tsimbalist Committed by gbsbuild

Enable scratch space for STRUCT arguments

Change-Id: I665cdff15b997f6e056cad42154a26dc660e0f16
parent 050223af
......@@ -411,8 +411,7 @@ bool PrivateMemoryResolution::safeToUseScratchSpace(llvm::Module &M) const
KernelArgs kernelArgs(F, DL, m_pMdUtils, &modMD);
for (auto arg : kernelArgs) {
const KernelArg::ArgType argTy = arg.getArgType();
if ((argTy == KernelArg::ArgType::PTR_DEVICE_QUEUE)
|| (argTy == KernelArg::ArgType::STRUCT))
if (argTy == KernelArg::ArgType::PTR_DEVICE_QUEUE)
return false;
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