Commit 263b7e85 authored by Makhotina, Olga's avatar Makhotina, Olga Committed by gbsbuild

Removed revising the insert point

Change-Id: I41bc956c687c5edeead217663a9fe0ec81185fc8
parent 3d1da4eb
......@@ -355,22 +355,6 @@ bool VectorProcess::reLayoutLoadStore(Instruction* Inst)
// Revise the insert point if there's local usage.
Instruction *NewInsertPt = LI;
for (auto *U : LI->users()) {
auto User = dyn_cast<Instruction>(U);
if (!User)
if (User->getParent() != LI->getParent())
BasicBlock::iterator BI = LI->getIterator();
for (++BI; &*BI != NewInsertPt && &*BI != User; ++BI)
/* EMPTY */;
if (&*BI != NewInsertPt)
NewInsertPt = &*BI;
if (eTy->isPointerTy())
// cannot bitcast int to ptr; need to use intToptr.
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