Commit 31b96245 authored by Jurek, Pawel's avatar Jurek, Pawel Committed by gbsbuild

Fix for opaque struct types in LowerGEPForPrivMem

Opaque struct type has 0 elements, this was not taken into account in LowerGEPForPrivMem optimisation

Change-Id: I4ff29c56ceac9114fe24281aeaee91a5e4f7cdf1
parent 263b7e85
......@@ -321,7 +321,7 @@ static Type* GetBaseType(Type* pType)
int num_elements = pType->getStructNumElements();
if(num_elements > 1)
if(num_elements != 1)
return nullptr;
pType = pType->getStructElementType(0);
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