Commit 3425a6f3 authored by Chen, Weiyu's avatar Chen, Weiyu Committed by gbsbuild

Add alternate scalar code sequence for 64b scan operations

Change-Id: I428d3a236229c159c284bf889fd0f8374ded5204
parent e24b58eb
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......@@ -258,6 +258,15 @@ public:
bool isPrefix = false,
bool isQuad = false);
void emitPreOrPostFixOpScalar(
e_opcode op,
uint64_t identityValue,
VISA_Type type,
bool negateSrc,
CVariable* src,
CVariable* result[2],
bool isPrefix = false);
bool IsUniformAtomic(llvm::Instruction* pInst);
void emitAtomicRaw(llvm::GenIntrinsicInst* pInst);
void emitAtomicStructured(llvm::Instruction* pInst);
......@@ -311,7 +311,10 @@ public:
bool DSPrimitiveIDPayloadPhaseCanBeSkipped() const { return false; }
bool hasAtomicPreDec() const { return true; }
bool needsHeaderForAtomicCounter() const { return false; }
bool doScalar64bScan() const
return false;
// ***** Below go accessor methods for testing WA data from WA_TABLE *****
bool WaDoNotPushConstantsForAllPulledGSTopologies() const
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