Commit 3475624d authored by Chen, Weiyu's avatar Chen, Weiyu Committed by gbsbuild

minor cleanup

Change-Id: I4c68dfb49a04c6d63278969b25cb4aa6081194ca
parent 2bb38537
......@@ -850,7 +850,6 @@ G4_INST *IR_Builder::Create_SplitSend_Inst(G4_Predicate *pred,
needsA0ExDesc = true;
// set T252 as BTI
// FIXME: move this to part of G4_SendMsgDescriptor once we clean up code to not call this function directly
if ((desc & 0xFF) != PREDEF_SURF_252)
desc = (desc & ~0xFF) | PREDEF_SURF_252;
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