Commit 35b31098 authored by Wesierski, Lukasz's avatar Wesierski, Lukasz

Correct README - wrong branches for opencl-clang and llvm-spirv.

Change-Id: I200fc59ed8ea82982c8da48a8348fbf595237654
parent 842c5abd
......@@ -57,8 +57,8 @@ This can be done using the following commands:
$ cd <workspace>
$ git clone -b release_70 llvm_source
$ git clone -b release_70 llvm_source/tools/clang
$ git clone -b release_70 llvm_source/projects/opencl-clang
$ git clone -b release_70 llvm_source/projects/llvm-spirv
$ git clone -b ocl-open-70 llvm_source/projects/opencl-clang
$ git clone -b llvm_release_70 llvm_source/projects/llvm-spirv
$ git clone llvm_patches
$ git clone igc
[If using specific release]
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