Commit 43330381 authored by Chen, Weiyu's avatar Chen, Weiyu Committed by gbsbuild

fix an illegal region in insertMovAfter() in HWConformity

Change-Id: I4a3e3d9523cffe5cd6432a9c4e2b5fa97e71a348
parent 0a763f3b
......@@ -1695,7 +1695,7 @@ void HWConformity::insertMovAfter( INST_LIST_ITER& it, uint16_t stride, G4_BB* b
G4_Declare* dcl = builder.createTempVar( execSize * stride, dstType, align, subAlign );
RegionDesc* region = builder.createRegionDesc(execSize * stride, execSize, stride );
RegionDesc* region = builder.createRegionDesc(stride, 1, 0 );
G4_SrcRegRegion *srcRegion = builder.Create_Src_Opnd_From_Dcl( dcl, region);
G4_DstRegRegion *tmpDstOpnd = builder.Create_Dst_Opnd_From_Dcl( dcl, stride );
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