Commit 6af9dadf authored by Rishipal Singh Bhatia's avatar Rishipal Singh Bhatia Committed by gbsbuild

Removing some unused stuff from the old metadata framework.

The workgroupWalkOrderMD is already moved to the new framework

Change-Id: Ibdae2cefb13dacd004c0ac8b871e5aecd08286fd
parent 0c929550
......@@ -39,9 +39,6 @@ typedef MetaObjectHandle<ArgInfoMetaData> ArgInfoMetaDataHandle;
class SubGroupSizeMetaData;
typedef MetaObjectHandle<SubGroupSizeMetaData> SubGroupSizeMetaDataHandle;
class WorkgroupWalkOrderMetaData;
typedef MetaObjectHandle<WorkgroupWalkOrderMetaData> WorkgroupWalkOrderMetaDataHandle;
class VectorTypeHintMetaData;
typedef MetaObjectHandle<VectorTypeHintMetaData> VectorTypeHintMetaDataHandle;
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