Commit 742d6d78 authored by Filipkowski, Lukasz's avatar Filipkowski, Lukasz Committed by gbsbuild

Tessellation factors padding in URB header

Change-Id: I0c0f8ba60f08c128e3bbcdd8f65f8107a76cfc89
parent 48660a1a
......@@ -239,10 +239,7 @@ public:
// HS HW barriers work correctly since ICL platform.
return (m_platformInfo.eRenderCoreFamily >= IGFX_GEN11_CORE);
bool applyTEFactorsPadding() const
return m_platformInfo.eRenderCoreFamily >= IGFX_GEN11_CORE;
bool enableVertexReorderingPhase2() const
return (m_platformInfo.eRenderCoreFamily >= IGFX_GEN10_CORE);
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