Commit 9195e1e0 authored by Irene Wu's avatar Irene Wu Committed by gbsbuild

Update README to remove opencl_headers requirement

Change-Id: If442762f9872edab058d03732a3d1b49264a683e
parent b33d90bf
......@@ -48,7 +48,6 @@ workspace
|- llvm_patches
|- llvm_source
|- igc
|- opencl_headers
Example command:
$ git clone -b release_40 clang_source
......@@ -59,9 +58,8 @@ $ git clone -b release_70 llvm7.0.0_source
[Using latest repo]
$ git clone igc
[Or Using specific release]
$ git clone -b igc_release_2018-12-12 igc;\
git checkout -b igc_release_2018-12-12
$ git clone opencl_headers
$ git clone -b igc_release_2019-01-05 igc;\
git checkout -b igc_release_2019-01-05
3. Under workspace create a build folder. For example:
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