Commit 94d0063c authored by pratik ashar's avatar pratik ashar Committed by gbsbuild

Enable 1-step elf by default

Change-Id: I3df543de65df1a1aed1bb3368cdba95ce0ceb291
parent 0770a37e
......@@ -322,7 +322,7 @@ DECLARE_IGC_REGKEY(bool, ForceSubroutineForEmulation, false, "Force subroutin
DECLARE_IGC_REGKEY(int, ByPassAllocaSizeHeuristic, 0, "Force some Alloca to pass the pressure heuristic until the given size")
DECLARE_IGC_REGKEY(DWORD, MemOptWindowSize, 150, "Change the size of the window in which we allow load/stores to be coalesced. We keep it limited in order to avoid creating long liveranges. Default value is 150")
DECLARE_IGC_REGKEY(bool, ForceNoFP64bRegioning, false, "force regioning rules for FP and 64b FPU instructions")
DECLARE_IGC_REGKEY(bool, EnableOneStepElf, false, "Enable generation of direct elf mapping src->Gen ISA")
DECLARE_IGC_REGKEY(bool, EnableOneStepElf, true, "Enable generation of direct elf mapping src->Gen ISA")
DECLARE_IGC_GROUP("Generating precompiled headers")
DECLARE_IGC_REGKEY(bool, ApplyConservativeRastWAHeader, true,
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