Commit 9b091dec authored by Chen, Weiyu's avatar Chen, Weiyu Committed by gbsbuild

Refactor code for uniform atomic counter message

Change-Id: I7c6af3a7df56b6aca72183a7fc5788173d934f85
parent 554b98e7
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -263,6 +263,7 @@ public:
void emitAtomicStructured(llvm::Instruction* pInst);
void emitAtomicTyped(llvm::GenIntrinsicInst* pInst);
void emitAtomicCounter(llvm::GenIntrinsicInst* pInst);
void emitUniformAtomicCounter(llvm::GenIntrinsicInst* pInst);
void emitRenderTargetRead(llvm::GenIntrinsicInst* inst);
void emitDiscard(llvm::Instruction* inst);
......@@ -310,6 +310,8 @@ public:
bool DSPrimitiveIDPayloadPhaseCanBeSkipped() const { return false; }
bool hasAtomicPreDec() const { return true; }
bool needsHeaderForAtomicCounter() const { return false; }
// ***** Below go accessor methods for testing WA data from WA_TABLE *****
bool WaDoNotPushConstantsForAllPulledGSTopologies() const
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