Commit 9b202cf0 authored by David Woo's avatar David Woo Committed by gbsbuild

Improve cube map coordinate generation function

The Prepare_SAMPLE_D_DC_Cube_Params function assumed that the function
calling it was always operating at the end of a basic block. This
commit allows it to be called when this is not the case

Change-Id: I73bdef91ab1aac9c7fc29c1395f9c239c86f48ce
parent 903d9e89
......@@ -2081,6 +2081,9 @@ inline SampleD_DC_FromCubeParams LLVM3DBuilder<preserveNames, T, Inserter>::Prep
llvm::Value* float_abs_t = this->CreateFAbs(float_src_t);
llvm::BasicBlock* currentBlock = this->GetInsertBlock();
bool shouldSplitBB = this->GetInsertPoint() != currentBlock->end();
// Create basic blocks.
llvm::BasicBlock* block_final = llvm::BasicBlock::Create(this->getContext(), VALUE_NAME("cubefinal_block"));
......@@ -2105,6 +2108,14 @@ inline SampleD_DC_FromCubeParams LLVM3DBuilder<preserveNames, T, Inserter>::Prep
llvm::Value* int1_tgesr = this->CreateAnd(int1_cmp_tger, int1_cmp_tges);
// Major coordinate is T, faces could be +Z or -Z
llvm::BasicBlock* splitBlock = nullptr;
if (shouldSplitBB)
splitBlock = currentBlock->splitBasicBlock(this->GetInsertPoint());
this->CreateCondBr(int1_tgesr, block_major_t, block_not_t);
......@@ -2425,6 +2436,11 @@ inline SampleD_DC_FromCubeParams LLVM3DBuilder<preserveNames, T, Inserter>::Prep
phi_face_id->addIncoming(float_face_zp_id, block_zp);
phi_face_id->addIncoming(float_face_zm_id, block_zm);
if (shouldSplitBB)
llvm::BranchInst* brInst = this->CreateBr(splitBlock);
SampleD_DC_FromCubeParams D_DC_CUBE_params;
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