Commit d87b126b authored by Trifunovic, Konrad's avatar Trifunovic, Konrad

Changes in code.

Change-Id: I3ecc1b81b68872ef19b14d4b9103b26005a09246
parent 0d9ab863
......@@ -727,14 +727,6 @@ void CoalescingEngine::PrepareInsertionSlot(
NewParent = ImmediateDominatingParent[NewParent];
//it might turn out, that rootNode does not dominate 'inst'
//since it is in another branch of DT
//do not forget to delete it as well
if (getRegRoot(RootNode->value)) {
} else {
//Evict dominating parent from CC.
Value* NewParent = GetActualDominatingParent(RootNode->value, inst);
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