Commit d8e79d14 authored by Filipkowski, Lukasz's avatar Filipkowski, Lukasz Committed by gbsbuild

MergeURBWrites pass cleanup

Change-Id: Ie2ff402885b94ad2a16d5b9d588fccdd75c62591
parent d9f0ded0
......@@ -161,13 +161,10 @@ void MergeURBWrites::FillWriteList(BasicBlock &BB)
for(auto iit = BB.begin(); iit != BB.end(); ++iit, ++instCounter)
auto intrinsic = dyn_cast<GenIntrinsicInst>(iit);
// if we have URBRead instructions in the same basic block, Merge the exisiting URB Write Instructions
// and clear the writeList. This way we can start merging instructions after the read
if (intrinsic == nullptr) continue;
GenISAIntrinsic::ID IID = intrinsic->getIntrinsicID();
if ((IID == GenISAIntrinsic::GenISA_URBRead) ||
(IID == GenISAIntrinsic::GenISA_HSURBPatchHeaderRead) ||
if ((IID == GenISAIntrinsic::GenISA_HSURBPatchHeaderRead) ||
(IID == GenISAIntrinsic::GenISA_DCL_HSOutputCntrlPtInputVec) ||
(IID == GenISAIntrinsic::GenISA_DCL_HSPatchConstInputVec) ||
(IID == GenISAIntrinsic::GenISA_threadgroupbarrier))
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