Commit f2566280 authored by pguo's avatar pguo Committed by gbsbuild

Refactoring push analysis pass

Change-Id: I810572bd38ed117c534a9a1683bdf6b9e4f39e4d
parent dfd94b20
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......@@ -118,9 +118,17 @@ class PushAnalysis : public llvm::ModulePass
unsigned int GetHSMaxNumberOfPushedInputs();
bool DispatchGRFHardwareWAForHSAndGSDisabled();
/// return the push constant mode supported based on driver and platform support
PushConstantMode GetPushConstantMode();
void processGather(llvm::Instruction* inst, uint bufId, uint eltId);
void processInput(llvm::Instruction* inst, bool gsInstancingUsed);
void processInputVec(llvm::Instruction* inst, bool gsInstancingUsed);
void processURBRead(llvm::Instruction* inst, bool gsInstancingUsed,
bool vsHasConstantBufferIndexedWithInstanceId,
uint32_t vsUrbReadIndexForInstanceIdSGV);
void processRuntimeValue(llvm::GenIntrinsicInst* intrinsic);
static char ID;
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