Commit 24b027da authored by Masahito Muroi's avatar Masahito Muroi Committed by Pierre Riteau

Fix failure to create physical reservations

Commit b2fa6bf5 [1] was accessing the
wrong variable, resulting in failures to create leases from the CLI with
the --physical-reservation option.

This patch fixes the error.


Change-Id: I58e753ed1af0d80e5b5e1f9429f2dfea2d14ec07
Closes-Bug: #1708963
parent e8e249e0
......@@ -164,8 +164,8 @@ class CreateLease(command.CreateCommand):
if not (phys_res_info['min'] and phys_res_info['max']):
raise exception.IncorrectLease(err_msg)
if not (strutils.is_int_like(phys_res_str['min']) and
if not (strutils.is_int_like(phys_res_info['min']) and
raise exception.IncorrectLease(err_msg)
min_host = int(phys_res_info['min'])
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