Commit 329e17cc authored by Masahito Muroi's avatar Masahito Muroi Committed by Pierre Riteau

Support Keystone v3 API in CLI

Keystone officially supports the v3 API and marked v2.0 as deprecated.
However, the python-blazarclient CLI specifically used the v2.0 API,
resulting in authorization errors when using the CLI with the v3 API.

This patch allows the Keystone client used in our CLI to choose between
v3 or v2.0 depending on the available Keystone endpoint.

Change-Id: Idc536801d0e18169c19235da1778063380b5ced4
Closes-Bug: #1657826
parent 7726cc62
......@@ -25,8 +25,8 @@ import sys
from cliff import app
from cliff import commandmanager
from keystoneclient import client as keystone_client
from keystoneclient import exceptions as keystone_exceptions
import keystoneclient.v2_0 as keystone_client
from oslo_utils import encodeutils
from climateclient import client as climate_client
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