Commit ef40eea0 authored by Pierre Riteau's avatar Pierre Riteau

Fix exception message when there are leases with the same name

The resource variable, originally containing the resource type, i.e.
'lease', was reassigned with a lease object before being used in the
exception message. As a result, the message displayed a dictionary of
lease values, instead of "type 'lease'".

Change-Id: If4cb03cfb4a895c11e3952f0f1b79e0c7d14de8c
Closes-Bug: #1786030
(cherry picked from commit 92e26f34)
parent 065d0c5f
......@@ -102,9 +102,9 @@ def get_item_properties(item, fields, mixed_case_fields=None, formatters=None):
return tuple(row)
def find_resource_id_by_name_or_id(client, resource, name_or_id,
def find_resource_id_by_name_or_id(client, resource_type, name_or_id,
name_key, id_pattern):
resource_manager = getattr(client, resource)
resource_manager = getattr(client, resource_type)
is_id = re.match(id_pattern, name_or_id)
if is_id:
resources = resource_manager.list()
......@@ -113,11 +113,12 @@ def find_resource_id_by_name_or_id(client, resource, name_or_id,
return name_or_id
raise exception.BlazarClientException('No resource found with ID %s' %
return _find_resource_id_by_name(client, resource, name_or_id, name_key)
return _find_resource_id_by_name(client, resource_type, name_or_id,
def _find_resource_id_by_name(client, resource, name, name_key):
resource_manager = getattr(client, resource)
def _find_resource_id_by_name(client, resource_type, name, name_key):
resource_manager = getattr(client, resource_type)
resources = resource_manager.list()
named_resources = []
......@@ -130,7 +131,7 @@ def _find_resource_id_by_name(client, resource, name, name_key):
raise exception.NoUniqueMatch(message="There are more than one "
"appropriate resources for the "
"name '%s' and type '%s'" %
(name, resource))
(name, resource_type))
elif named_resources:
return named_resources[0]
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