Commit ef481e8d authored by Pierre Riteau's avatar Pierre Riteau

Add release notes for bugs 1784038 and 1786030

Change-Id: I0d2a5c9dee6dfd0dd90b1d483eb68f936b82f178
parent ef40eea0
- |
Creating leases using version 2.0.0 of the CLI client without specifying a
start date was failing with the error ``The lease parameters are
incorrect``, following changes related to `bug 1783296
<>`_. For more details, see `bug 1784038
- |
When there are multiple leases with the same name, lease actions
identifying the lease by name would display an error message including a
dictionary of lease values, instead of ``type 'lease'``. For more details,
see `bug 1786030 <>`_.
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