1. 28 Nov, 2018 1 commit
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  6. 08 Aug, 2018 1 commit
    • Pierre Riteau's avatar
      Fix exception message when there are leases with the same name · 92e26f34
      Pierre Riteau authored
      The resource variable, originally containing the resource type, i.e.
      'lease', was reassigned with a lease object before being used in the
      exception message. As a result, the message displayed a dictionary of
      lease values, instead of "type 'lease'".
      Change-Id: If4cb03cfb4a895c11e3952f0f1b79e0c7d14de8c
      Closes-Bug: #1786030
  7. 27 Jul, 2018 1 commit
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  9. 24 Jul, 2018 1 commit
    • Pierre Riteau's avatar
      Set start date to 'now' rather than current time · f017a924
      Pierre Riteau authored
      When the Blazar CLI client is run without specifying a start date, it
      uses the current time on the client machine. If the lease creation
      request is sent to the Blazar service just before the end of a minute,
      e.g. at 12:34:59, the Blazar manager might only process it during the
      next minute (i.e. after 12:35:00). In this case, the manager will reject
      the request with:
          Start date must be later than current date
      This can also be an issue if the clocks on the client and server are not
      synchronized closely.
      This patch uses the special start date value 'now' which is resolved to
      the current time on the server rather than on the client. Note that this
      can result in leases that are one minute shorter than what the user
      might expect, as the end date is still specified by the client.
      It also clarifies help messages for start and end dates.
      Change-Id: Ib761d8f4f15e44e28452497f282447472f0cf918
      Closes-Bug: #1783296
  10. 09 Jul, 2018 1 commit
    • Tetsuro Nakamura's avatar
      Catch exceptions for session client · 98b2414e
      Tetsuro Nakamura authored
      Exceptions from the API were not properly caught when it uses
      keystone session client path. As a result, error messages in the
      response body from blazar REST APIs were not displayed.
      This patch fixes it creating the new SessionClient class, which
      is basically the same as its parent class, but it can raise
      BlazarClientException if requests to the blazar server failed.
      Change-Id: I98ba3949742f2a987beb7e16400608b8ebb60065
      Closes-Bug: #1777548
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  13. 06 Jun, 2018 2 commits
    • Doug Hellmann's avatar
      fix tox python3 overrides · 38b794ab
      Doug Hellmann authored
      We want to default to running all tox environments under python 3, so
      set the basepython value in each environment.
      We do not want to specify a minor version number, because we do not
      want to have to update the file every time we upgrade python.
      We do not want to set the override once in testenv, because that
      breaks the more specific versions used in default environments like
      py35 and py36.
      Change-Id: I059cec653a686413dda48f67eacee41bd3677ddf
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDoug Hellmann <doug@doughellmann.com>
    • Pierre Riteau's avatar
      Respect selected region in multi-region clouds · b51395f3
      Pierre Riteau authored
      The region name value provided via an environment variable or a command
      line argument was not passed to the client object, meaning that the
      wrong endpoint could be selected in a multi-region cloud.
      Change-Id: Ia8bbec7e429d5a2385b7f38310512a93fbfb9ce1
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    • Masahito Muroi's avatar
      Support hostname in show, update and delete host operations · 60e658d6
      Masahito Muroi authored
      The Blazar CLI doesn't support show, update and delete host operations
      with hostname. It only accepts id because host uses a key called
      hypervisor_hostname, rather one called name like for leases.
      This patch enables the Blazar CLI to support hostname as well.
      Change-Id: I3a7a3307099ed518d89de37039f9366770a21ce2
      Closes-Bug: #1702266
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    • Hiroaki Kobayashi's avatar
      Align json indents · 34c711ea
      Hiroaki Kobayashi authored
      This patch aligns indents for showing json data.
      Change-Id: I042f50a5bb06a0e84b142f9cd8f32ae26a4eb7a7
  30. 09 Jan, 2018 1 commit
    • Sean McGinnis's avatar
      Remove mox from requirements · c8d0bb78
      Sean McGinnis authored
      Mox was listed in test-requirements, but it is not actually
      being used anywhere. Since we want to get rid of this package
      in OpenStack, removing from requirements so it does not look
      like it is being used.
      Change-Id: Id28298c0327ac1780f17d9d7245360116814fd67
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