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    Restore backward compatibility for init client · 2afa2903
    Hiroki Ito authored
    After merged the patch I08c8b753972c27b4e6bbe07a8aa51e0e72fbc56d,
    blazarclient can't be used with blazar_url and auth_token since this
    patch only allows sessions for the initiation of client.
    For backward compatibility, blazarclient should be initiated with
    blazar_url and auth_token as before.
    This patch enables using blazarclient with a set of blazar_url and
    auth_token or session by reviving BaseClientManager class with adding
    a logic to chose an auth method based on given params.
    Change-Id: I25a665145b0503cc04e49bc85c39e2f6dca36925
    Closes-Bug: #1724757
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