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    Set start date to 'now' rather than current time · f017a924
    Pierre Riteau authored
    When the Blazar CLI client is run without specifying a start date, it
    uses the current time on the client machine. If the lease creation
    request is sent to the Blazar service just before the end of a minute,
    e.g. at 12:34:59, the Blazar manager might only process it during the
    next minute (i.e. after 12:35:00). In this case, the manager will reject
    the request with:
        Start date must be later than current date
    This can also be an issue if the clocks on the client and server are not
    synchronized closely.
    This patch uses the special start date value 'now' which is resolved to
    the current time on the server rather than on the client. Note that this
    can result in leases that are one minute shorter than what the user
    might expect, as the end date is still specified by the client.
    It also clarifies help messages for start and end dates.
    Change-Id: Ib761d8f4f15e44e28452497f282447472f0cf918
    Closes-Bug: #1783296
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