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    Remove keystoneclient.middleware · 646350c1
    Victor Stinner authored
    The code has been moved to the new keystonemiddleware project and
    keystone.middleware was deprecated since Juno. It's time to drop it in
    Remove the directory keystoneclient/middleware/.
    Remove test_auth_token_middleware.py, test_memcache_crypt.py and
    test_s3_token_middleware.py in keystoneclient/tests/unit/.
    Remove the create_middleware_cert shell function from
    examples/pki/gen_pki.sh. And remove the call from
    Remove netaddr, pycrypto and WebOb test dependencies, only needed to
    test the removed middleware.
    Closes-Bug: #1449066
    Change-Id: Iedd6887dcde62177d37e1e1988ed72bcb59c05f6
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