Commit 2d5942c0 authored by Thomas Goirand's avatar Thomas Goirand

Add "ocicli network-set br-ex --bridge-name br-ex" to oci-poc-install-cluster-compute

parent 4e21dfb1
......@@ -59,6 +59,7 @@ ocicli network-add mgmt-net z all eth1 none
ocicli network-add vmnet z vm-net eth2 none
ocicli network-add public z all eth1 none
ocicli network-add br-ex z ovs-bridge eth0 none
ocicli network-set br-ex --bridge-name br-ex
ocicli network-add br-lb z ovs-bridge eth3 none
ocicli network-set br-lb --bridge-name br-lb
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