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    Unblock migrate (py26 and py3* testing issues) · 8252703f
    Matt Riedemann authored
    There are two changes which have to go together to pass the gate
    1. Update pbr and mock requirements from global-requirements
    mock 1.2 supports py26 again so make that the minimum version. The
    same change is being made in g-r with:
    Sync up with latest pbr in global-requirements while we're at it.
    Closes-Bug: #1474925
    2. Fix the importpath module to work with python >= 3.3 where the
    __import__ built-in is raising an ImportError on a temporary file
    that is added to the system path.
    Closes-Bug: #1475339
    Change-Id: Ie98938ba75f3983094dd540b7d26a7ec46be4f6e
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