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......@@ -14,15 +14,16 @@ well as from inside python code.
Sphinx documentation is available at the project page `
Sphinx documentation is available at the project page `
Users and developers can be found at #sqlalchemy-migrate on Freenode IRC
Users and developers can be found at #openstack-dev on Freenode IRC
network and at the public users mailing list `migrate-users
New releases and major changes are announced at the public announce mailing
list `migrate-announce <>`_
list `openstack-dev
and at the Python package index `sqlalchemy-migrate
......@@ -37,13 +38,10 @@ Tests and Bugs
To run automated tests:
* Copy test_db.cfg.tmpl to test_db.cfg
* Edit test_db.cfg with database connection strings suitable for running tests.
(Use empty databases.)
* $ pip install -r requirements.txt -r test-requirements.txt
* $ python develop
* $ testr run --parallel
* install tox: ``pip install -U tox``
* run tox: ``tox``
* to test only a specific Python version: ``tox -e py27`` (Python 2.7)
Please report any issues with sqlalchemy-migrate to the issue tracker at
` issues
`Launchpad issues
......@@ -21,51 +21,32 @@ command use::
$ migrate help COMMAND
If you'd like to be notified when new versions of SQLAlchemy Migrate
are released, subscribe to `migrate-announce`_.
are released, subscribe to `openstack-dev`_.
.. _pip:
.. _easy_install:
.. _sqlalchemy:
.. _`project's download page`:
.. _`cheese shop`:
.. _`migrate-announce`:
.. _`openstack-dev`:
.. _development:
Migrate's Mercurial_ repository is located at `Google Code`_.
If you would like to contribute to the development of OpenStack,
you must follow the steps in this page:
To get the latest trunk::
$ hg clone
Once those steps have been completed, changes to OpenStack
should be submitted for review via the Gerrit tool, following
the workflow documented at:
Patches should be submitted to the `issue tracker`_. You are free to create
your own clone to provide your patches. We are open to pull requests in our
`issue tracker`_.
If you want to work on sqlalchemy-migrate you might want to use a `virtualenv`.
Pull requests submitted through GitHub will be ignored.
To run the included test suite you have to copy :file:`test_db.cfg.tmpl` to
:file:`test_db.cfg` and put SQLAlchemy database URLs valid for your environment
into that file. We use `nose`_ for our tests and include a test requirements
file for pip. You might use the following commands to install the test
requirements and run the tests::
Bugs should be filed on Launchpad, not GitHub:
$ pip install -r test-req.pip
$ python develop
$ python nosetests
If you are curious about status changes of sqlalchemy-migrate's issues you
might want to subscribe to `sqlalchemy-migrate-issues`_.
We use a `Jenkins CI`_ continuous integration tool installation to
help us run tests on most of the databases that migrate supports.
.. _Mercurial:
.. _Google Code:
.. _issue tracker:
.. _sqlalchemy-migrate-issues:
.. _Jenkins CI:
.. _nose:
......@@ -7,9 +7,9 @@
:Author: Evan Rosson
:Maintainer: Domen Kožar <>
:Maintainer: Jan Dittberner <>
:Source Code:
:CI Tool:
:Source Code:
:Generated: |today|
:License: MIT
:Version: |release|
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@
mentored by Jonathan LaCour.
The project was taken over by a small group of volunteers when Evan had no
free time for the project. It is now hosted as a `Google Code project`_.
free time for the project. It is now hosted as a `Github project`_.
During the hosting change the project was renamed to SQLAlchemy Migrate.
Currently, sqlalchemy-migrate supports Python versions from 2.6 to 2.7.
......@@ -64,6 +64,7 @@ Dialect support
- :ref:`oracle <oracle-d>`
- :ref:`firebird <firebird-d>`
- mssql
- DB2
* - :ref:`ALTER TABLE RENAME TABLE <table-rename>`
- yes
- yes
......@@ -160,7 +161,7 @@ SQLAlchemy Migrate is split into two parts, database schema versioning
.. _`google's summer of code`:
.. _`Google Code project`:
.. _`Github project`:
.. _sqlalchemy:
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