Commit fe148d87 authored by Sean Dague's avatar Sean Dague

uncap SQLA in requirements.txt

migrate can't just take a global requirements sync because it
needs to be tested against multiple versions of SQLA to assure
compatibility. A recent change had the effect of only testing
migrate against SQLA 0.7, which is definitely *not* what we
want to be doing.

this reverts that change, and leaves very specific comments to
hopefully prevent this from happening in the future.

Change-Id: Icb4e136f0de6caa224019bb955341c4b67c5e1a1
parent d58e47f8
# never put a cap on this, *ever*, sqla versions are handled via
# tox, and if SQLA is capped it will only make it so we aren't testing
# against all the versions we are compatible with.
Tempita >= 0.4
......@@ -12,6 +12,14 @@ deps = -r{toxinidir}/requirements.txt
commands =
python testr --slowest --testr-args='{posargs} --concurrency=1'
deps = sqlalchemy>=0.8,<=0.8.99
deps = sqlalchemy>=0.8,<=0.8.99
basepython = python2.6
deps = sqlalchemy>=0.7,<=0.7.99
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