Commit 07de8446 authored by Joe D'Andrea's avatar Joe D'Andrea

Remove win32/nt checks for wrapper script gen

It now appears safe to remove the Windows conditions that skip
executing override_get_script_args() and install_wrapper_scripts().
Having demonstrated that bdist_wheel works, it should now work for
sdist too, and experiments do indeed appear to bear that out.

Change-Id: Ic243a3ccd3aee0dcb17d6419bc44271f5ebe5551
Closes-Bug: 1521407
parent 55ef3943
......@@ -390,8 +390,6 @@ class LocalDevelop(develop.develop):
command_name = 'develop'
def install_wrapper_scripts(self, dist):
if sys.platform == 'win32':
return develop.develop.install_wrapper_scripts(self, dist)
if not self.exclude_scripts:
for args in override_get_script_args(dist):
......@@ -445,13 +443,7 @@ class LocalInstallScripts(install_scripts.install_scripts):
# entry-points listed for this package.
if != 'nt':
get_script_args = override_get_script_args
get_script_args = easy_install.get_script_args
executable = '"%s"' % executable
for args in get_script_args(dist, executable, is_wininst):
for args in override_get_script_args(dist, executable, is_wininst):
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