Commit 1ee21f6c authored by Tim Burke's avatar Tim Burke

Ignore Zuul when generating AUTHORS

Change-Id: Id1626580dc76e2b2105b549873e88225186cb4fd
parent 6f5c1ee8
......@@ -300,7 +300,7 @@ def generate_authors(git_dir=None, dest_dir='.', option_dict=dict()):
and not os.access(new_authors, os.W_OK)):
return'[pbr] Generating AUTHORS')
ignore_emails = '(jenkins@review|infra@lists|jenkins@openstack)'
ignore_emails = '((jenkins|zuul)@review|infra@lists|jenkins@openstack)'
if git_dir is None:
git_dir = _get_git_directory()
if git_dir:
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