Commit a34629a9 authored by Tim Burke's avatar Tim Burke Committed by Stephen Finucane

Add an option to skip generating RELEASENOTES.rst

This is comparable to the existing skip_authors and skip_changelog

Change-Id: Icfefb20fb3c9b2e983e56f6e5440119d4dce2d3f
Co-Authored-By: 's avatarStephen Finucane <>
parent dac6f829
......@@ -103,3 +103,20 @@ skipped. Similarly setting ``SKIP_WRITE_GIT_CHANGELOG``
will cause logic around generating ``ChangeLog`` file using *git*
information to be skipped.
.. _packaging-releasenotes:
Release Notes
*pbr* generates a release notes file, typically called ``RELEASENOTES.rst``,
if `reno`_ is present and configured. You may wish to disable this
functionality. If that is the case setting ``SKIP_GENERATE_RENO``
will disable this feature.
.. _reno:
......@@ -230,6 +230,13 @@ The ``pbr`` section controls *pbr*-specific options and behaviours.
This can also be configured using the ``SKIP_GENERATE_AUTHORS`` environment
variable, as described :ref:`here <packaging-authors-changelog>`
If enabled, *pbr* will not generate a ``RELEASENOTES.txt`` file if `reno`_ is
present and configured.
This can also be configured using the ``SKIP_GENERATE_RENO`` environment
variable, as described :ref:`here <packaging-releasenotes>`.
A boolean option controlling whether *pbr* should generate an index of
modules using ``sphinx-apidoc``. By default, all files except ````
......@@ -489,3 +496,4 @@ this file.
.. _setuptools:
.. _sphinxcontrib-apidoc:
.. _reno:
......@@ -577,6 +577,13 @@ class LocalSDist(sdist.sdist):
if hasattr(self, '_has_reno'):
return self._has_reno
option_dict = self.distribution.get_option_dict('pbr')
should_skip = options.get_boolean_option(option_dict, 'skip_reno',
if should_skip:
self._has_reno = False
return False
# versions of reno witout this module will not have the required
# feature, hence the import
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