Commit a4f27ca3 authored by Dirk Mueller's avatar Dirk Mueller

Skip test for testr hook being installed when testr is not available

pbr only depends on testrepository in the test requirements, so
packaging efforts can decide to skip the dependency if they want to.
As stestr is going to replace testrepository going forward, it makes
sense to make dependencies to testrepository optional.

Skip the test that requires testrepository in that scenario.

Change-Id: I28c30411a5a6fdb071ebcc35e65ce1f4f1242498
parent d01abc82
......@@ -41,7 +41,9 @@
import os
from testtools import matchers
from testtools import skipUnless
from pbr import testr_command
from pbr.tests import base
from pbr.tests import util
......@@ -66,6 +68,7 @@ class TestHooks(base.BaseTestCase):
assert 'test_hook_1\ntest_hook_2' in stdout
assert return_code == 0
@skipUnless(testr_command.have_testr, "testrepository not available")
def test_custom_commands_known(self):
stdout, _, return_code = self.run_setup('--help-commands')
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