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    Switch driver to confluent-kafka client library · 5a842ae1
    Andy Smith authored
    This patch switches the kafka python client from kafka-python to
    confluent-kafka due to documented threading issues with the
    kafka-python consumer and the recommendation to use multiplrocessing.
    The confluent-kafka client leverages the high performance librdkafka
    C client and is safe for multiple thread use.
    This patch:
    * switches to confluent-kafka library
    * revises consumer and producer message operations
    * utilizes event.tpool method for confluent-kafka blocking calls
    * updates unit tests
    * adds kafka specific timeouts for functional tests
    * adds release note
    Depends-On: Ice374dca539b8ed1b1965b75379bad5140121483
    Change-Id: Idfb9fe3700d882c8285c6dc56b0620951178eba2