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    attach disks when running integration tests · 13522e16
    Loic Dachary authored
    The vagrant instances run for integration tests are attached a 10GB thin
    provisioned disk. It will show on /dev/sdb an allow for tests when
    creating an OSD on a physical device.
    This feature has been added to a fork of rspec-system (
    ) which is hosted on gitorious instead of github. There is no hope of
    getting the patch accepted because rspec-system is retired.
    The test instances are renamed (first.vm => first, second.vm => second)
    without a dot in their name because it makes it easier to derive a disk
    name that does not conflict with the restrictions imposed by vagrant on
    disk file names.
    Change-Id: I1964c7f6160bd16b92a7e4fd6dc9444c22cfd60b
    Signed-off-by: default avatarLoic Dachary <loic@dachary.org>
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