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    spec: updates for rspec-puppet 2.x and rspec 3.x · cf647849
    Sebastien Badia authored
    This patch aim to update our specs test in order to work with the new
    rspec-puppet release 2.0.0, in the mean time, we update rspec syntax
    in order to be prepared for rspec 3.x move.
    In details:
      * Convert 'should' keyword to 'is_expected.to' (prepare rspec 3.x)
      * Upgrade and pin rspec-puppet from 1.0.1 to 2.0.0
      * Clean Gemfile (remove over-specificication of runtime deps of puppetlabs_spec_helper)
    Change-Id: I512ffe4ac12763ec5a4bea935001088bad231cc1
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