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    Initial classes/tests for a roles/profiles pattern · 4ea286a1
    David Gurtner authored
    This is a first step to providing roles/profiles manifests according
    to the roles/profiles pattern.
    The roles/profiles pattern is a way to combine ceph manifests into
    functional units:
    Profiles combine multiple manifest to provide a single service. For
    example a ceph monitor server needs the repository, packages,
    configuration and finally the monitor service.
    Roles define sets of profiles to configure a specific server. For
    example an allinone role would install the monitor as well as an osd
    The learn more have a look at:
    To start with the basic configuration this provides:
    * params: extracts the configuration from hiera
    * base: installs ceph and configures ceph.conf
    All configuration happens via hiera. Example hiera files are
    NB: this uses hiera autoloading and will only work with Puppet >=3.0
    Change-Id: Iba9aca7f124bd3a719dc18292b18fc0f4f386d5c
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