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    Re-boostrap beaker tests · fb88544a
    Emilien Macchi authored
    Current puppet-ceph CI is broken for all functional jobs.
    I would like to restart from scratch the way we test the module.
    1) centos7: deploy Jewel using buildlogs.centos.org repo
    CentOS SIG does not provide packaging to deploy the Jewel repository,
    let's install it by hand.
    2) Remove RGW tests for now. We'll re-add them later, in a
    puppet-openstack-integration scenario.
    3) Reset spec files to match with other Puppet OpenStack modules.
    4) On CentOS, use systemd resource and not sysvinit.
    5) Fix keyring idempotency with SElinux.
    Change-Id: Ie9ba521cdb4ac6823746d37bb5d1697e274e4119
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