Commit 58924396 authored by Kurt Griffiths's avatar Kurt Griffiths Committed by GitHub

doc(MessagePackHandler): Clarify use of bin type (#1201)

parent 6532ad0f
......@@ -7,9 +7,10 @@ from import BaseHandler
class MessagePackHandler(BaseHandler):
"""Handler built using the :py:mod:`msgpack` module.
This handler uses the `bin` type option which expects bytes instead
of strings.
This handler uses ``msgpack.unpackb()`` and ``msgpack.packb()``. The
MessagePack ``bin`` type is used to distinguish between Unicode strings
(``str`` on Python 3, ``unicode`` on Python 2) and byte strings
(``bytes`` on Python 2/3, or ``str`` on Python 2).
This handler requires the extra ``msgpack`` package, which must be
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