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# pyngus #
# Pyngus #
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......@@ -7,6 +7,36 @@ callback-based API for message passing.
See the User Guide in the docs directory for more detail.
## Release 2.0.0 ##
* Support for proton 0.10
* The SASL API has changed due to an API change in proton 0.10
* Proton 0.10 implements SASL via the Cyrus SASL library
* this change allows use of more secure authentication mechanisms, such as Kerberos
* Applications should no longer directly access the Proton SASL class via the\_sasl property
* instead, the following new properties may be passed to the Container.create\_connection() method:
* x-username - (client only) the authentication id
* x-password - (client only) the authentication password
* x-require-auth - (server only) reject clients that do not use authentication
* x-sasl-mechs - (server only) whitespace delimited string of
acceptable mechanisms. If not supplied the mechanisms
specified in the system's SASL configuration will be used.
This option should only be used when the application wants to
further restrict the set of acceptable mechanisms.
* x-sasl-config-dir - (server only) the location of the
_directory_ that holds the system's Cyrus SASL configuration.
* x-sasl-config-name - (server only) the name of the SASL
configuration file (*without* the ".conf" suffix) in the
x-sasl-dir directory.
* *NOTE WELL*: Cyrus SASL cannot support multiple different SASL
configurations per connection. The values of
x-sasl-config-dir and x-sasl-config-name *MUST* be the same
for all connections that use SASL.
* the ConnectionEventHandler.sasl\_step() callback has been deprecated as proton 0.10 no longer uses it
* The ConnectionEventHandler.sasl\_done() callback *is* still supported.
* Pyngus now enforces strict reentrancy checking. Attempting to call
a non-reentrant Pyngus method will now throw a RuntimeError exception.
## Release 1.3.0 ##
* Support for proton 0.9
......@@ -23,4 +23,4 @@ from import SenderLink, SenderEventHandler
from pyngus.sockets import read_socket_input
from pyngus.sockets import write_socket_output
VERSION = (2, 0, 0) # major, minor, fix
VERSION = (2, 0, 1) # major, minor, fix
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
from setuptools import setup
_VERSION = "2.0.0" # NOTE: update too!
_VERSION = "2.0.1" # NOTE: update too!
# I hack, therefore I am (productive) Some distros (which will not be named)
# don't use to install the proton python module. In this case, pip
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