Commit 6998edc4 authored by Kenneth Giusti's avatar Kenneth Giusti

fix old SASL callback test failure

parent 87a70cb9
......@@ -240,11 +240,11 @@ class APITest(common.Test):
raise common.Skipped("Test does not apply")
server_props = {'x-server': True,
'x-require-auth': True,
'x-sasl-mechs': 'PLAIN'}
'x-sasl-mechs': 'PLAIN ANONYMOUS'}
client_props = {'x-server': False,
'x-username': 'user-foo',
'x-password': 'pass-word',
'x-sasl-mechs': 'PLAIN'}
'x-sasl-mechs': 'PLAIN ANONYMOUS'}
class SaslCallbackServer(common.ConnCallback):
def sasl_step(self, connection, pn_sasl):
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