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    Remove use of unsupported TEMPEST_SERVICES variable · b3539b9f
    ghanshyam authored
    TEMPEST_SERVICES global variable is not supported
    by devstack since long back.
    - I380dd20e5ed716a0bdf92aa02c3730359b8136e4
    - I9c24705e494689f09a885eb0a640efd50db33fcf
    Service availability of tempest known services will be
    set by devstack with local check.
    - I02be777bf93143d946ccbb8e9eff637bfd1928d4
    This commit removes the unused TEMPEST_SERVICES setting
    Related-Bug: #1743688
    Change-Id: I50bd32fc2103af0170ee8d350f31cf589d85422f